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& look at that girl.

& this just in...

the Stills

Hello people,

This is just to tell you that "Without Feathers" our new record will be out early May.

That's it! No later no sooner I promise.

For those of you who live in Vancouver and Victoria we will be playing there on friday and satruday so come and check out the new songs. We are gonna play at least 10 of them!

so.... I got nothing else to say my brain is a bit foggy today.


not to mention, according to the Still's myspace profile, they have a new drummer. again. his name is Julian Blais.

the Organ
album due out in February.
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Yes many changes though since they move to New York I haven't talked to the guys but the new album will be worth the wait i can say that :)
I didn't realize The Organ had a new album coming out!