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the Stills

Hello people,

This is just to tell you that "Without Feathers" our new record will be out early May.

That's it! No later no sooner I promise.

For those of you who live in Vancouver and Victoria we will be playing there on friday and satruday so come and check out the new songs. We are gonna play at least 10 of them!

so.... I got nothing else to say my brain is a bit foggy today.


not to mention, according to the Still's myspace profile, they have a new drummer. again. his name is Julian Blais.

the Organ
album due out in February.
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Without Feathers.

the Stills were on a local radio station today (102.1) & unfortunately i only caught the very end but from that i gathered this:

> the album is not due out now until April (as opposed to Feb. 14)
> it is called Without Feathers.
spirited away

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cd estoerik should be taken off the user info. they closed down last week. i'm still depressed about it.

i suggest a candle light vigil.

put up islands though. and th' corn gangg

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the Organ

the Organ has recently announced that they have signed to Too Pure Records.
In Feb. 2006, Grab That Gun will be available throughout the world.

the Organ is also scheduled to play Mint Records' Xmas Party on Dec. 9 in Vancouver, BC.
Details here.

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because Canada has heaps of good bands, a little change was called for..

user info updated:

bigbangmontreal was initially created as a community for fans of the Montreal music scene, but there are just too many damn good bands in Canada to simply focus on one city. A place for fans to share concert reviews, concert stories, upcoming shows & events, photos, general info, etc., bigbangmontreal now also encourages the talk of ALL Canadian music/bands, etc.